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The Legal Language of Lawyers

"Did you know that somebody, a neighbor for example, could become the owner of your property, or a part of your property simply by making use of it for a period of time? Did you know that a neighbor or a trespasser could gain an easement over your property by simply using your property to get to someplace else? What is adverse possession? What is a prescriptive easement? What if someone would allow water run-off from their septic tank to flow freely onto your property? What would the legal remedy for that occurrence be?

It is very unusual for a client to come into the law office knowing all about wills, probate, powers of attorney, easements, etc. It just does not happen. Every person is skilled at something, and most have a passing knowledge of other skills. For example, medical doctors are skilled in their field, but usually know very little about legal problems, or legal solutions. A lawyer should never try to treat one's self for a serious medical issue. That's what doctors are for.

Lawyers, especially experienced lawyers, live with the law. Each and everyday of the week a lawyer eats, sleeps, and talks the law. Sometimes, the discussions are about what happened in court. Sometimes, the discussions might be about specific legal questions that have been raised by a client. We lawyers know and talk the legal language. The language becomes a part of our very being. The average citizen has skills, and knowledge that apply to his or her work, but are unfamiliar with the language of the law. When a legal issue arises, the average citizen will almost always find the solution to be hampered by a maze of rules and regulations. Also, the average person trying to find a lawyer, be it in the phone book, or on the Internet, may have difficulty going through page after page of attorneys offering their services. We live in a plethora of Attorney advertise-ments.

That in a nutshell is what The Senior Citizens' Law Center, PLC is about. The Senior Citizens' Law Center was founded for people over the age of 55. We want to be of service to men and women who have legal issues and need the legal help, and expertise of lawyers at reasonable prices.

No matter the legal issue, you will be helped. It could be an easement problem or problems with a survey, deed, etc. Another client might have a social security issue or an issue with Medicaid. Perhaps, a marital issue could be a problem. That is what we are about. We handle most legal needs of a senior. We help citizens of all ages who are going through legal issues that require legal solutions.

People Commonly ask about probate law. They want to know if a will has to be probated. They wonder about what happens if someone dies without a will. What happens to the house of a deceased spouse, or family member? Does it go to the State? How can one avoid probate? How can one qualify for Medicaid if a nursing home is somewhere on the horizon and family funds are limited? It's a myriad of questions that need answers and solutions. That's why the Senior Citizens' Law Center, PLC is here.

So no matter what your age is, or what your legal issue is, contact The Senior Citizens' Law Center, PLC. An attorney will be able to help you find your way through your problem. Call 1-517-627-7001. You will most likely be glad you did."

450 E. Saginaw Hwy

Grand Ledge, MI 48837

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