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"I First consulted Mr. Dalimonte in August 2011. He immediately put me at ease and assured me my legal issues were not trivial or unimportant.On the many visits I had with Mr. Dalimonte or his associates, they treated me like family and always made me feel secure and respected in every aspect of my case.

Thank you so much. I owe so much to him and everyone in his office for all their hard work and kindness."

~ Judy Lewis


"When I became a Senior Citizen, I selected you to rewrite my will. Just as we were completing the new will, problems arose involving my teenage grand-daughter. Between dealing with the police and Eaton County DHS, we often had to rely on Mr. Dalimonte's advice. He was available to us when I'm sure it was inconvenient for him.

He led my grand-daughter through the Eaton County Family Court system where she obtained the status of an 'emancipated minor.' He always treated her with professionalism, the same as any adult client. It was exactly what she needed at the time.

In 2013, I expect to use this office again relating to a sale of property. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants a great lawyer that goes above and beyond the basics and looks out for the individual client."

~Marilynn D.



"I would Highly recommend anyone needing legal advice to contact this office.

Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. My legal papers were completed in a very timely manner. I will definitely use them again, if I am in need of legal counsel."

~ Kay Juhas


"This office has helped me with problems involving a car dealer, and the lending institution. The cost was reasonable, and the office staff was courteous and and friendly.

I really appreciate his help and everything that was done for me." 

~Jack M. Byrd

Grand Ledge, MI


"I am writing this to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me.

I received a summons and complaint served to me at my home on 03/11/2013. I couldn't believe it; under the circumstances, and who is suing me. I have never been sued before and didn't know what to do.

I called you Tuesday in the morning on 03/19/2013. Mr. Dalimonte was very kind and told me to come into the office; that they would look at the paperwork, and help explain it to me.

I was met with a very nice secretary named Jennifer, and than Elliott Berlin, a studying law student about to take his Bar Exam. I feel Elliott will be a great lawyer, and an asset to any community or law firm.

Elliott let me know that Mr. Dalimonte would not be taking any money from me, and just wanted to help. Elliott Explained, listened, and wrote up an answer for me. He also made me copies and let me know where to file the documents.

Elliott and Mr. Dalimonte also informed me that they would be available for me for any further assistance.

I walked into that office so upset, and feeling defeated. Than I walked out with a smile and a great sense of relief.

Thank you ALL for helping me."


Theresa Lewis


To Attorney Dalimonte:

Dear Sir.

A huge thank you for the superior work and service your law firm did for me and my wife.

I came into your office for a problem I had a few years ago in 2008 of which was solved, I thought!

When I came into your office, your secretary made me feel like a V.I.P.

When my wife and I went into the consultation room to ask you questions, I received 500% more than I expected. Not only that, Mr. Dalimonte won my case, of which was a blessing for my family. He is a dedicated lawyer to all his clients.

As a senior citizen in my seventies, I will not hesitate to tell any of my friends about his law office, or refer them to Attorney Dalimonte.

His service was excellent. His knowledge was far superior than some of the lawyers I had prior. I will, with honor, use his services again.

~ James P. Stevens

Ret. P.I. PD 2651 1996 Ret.

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